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How to Become a Tattoo Artist? 

Requirements and tips
16 June 2022

TT Design Books 

Tattoo designs
06 March 2017

Dia de los muertos 

Day of the Dead
09 November 2014

Timeless tattoos 

26 July 2014

What tattoo shall I choose? 

tattoo, choice, choose, power, meanings, medicine, heartigrams
14 April 2014

Maori styled animals 

Idea Tattoo
20 April 2012


Elfic alphabet
09 February 2008

Haida designs 

Totemic animals of Northamerican peoples.
15 August 2007

Glowing tattoos 

The new fronteer of "invisible" tattoos
29 July 2007

Home made tattoos 

How to make a basic tattoo with home made equipment
23 June 2007

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