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What tattoo shall I choose? tattoo photo

What tattoo shall I choose?
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April 14th, 2014

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Well, this is a question we´ve been asked many times over the years and we think that the answer could be useful to some friends out there who are not convinced yet about the tattoo they should choose... and the answer, even if it sounds incredible from ourselves, is: "none".

Alright, said like that it´s clearly a provocation... so let´s explain: none you´re not sure of.

Well then, what is a tattoo?

What´s your answer? Yes, yours...
Aloha spirit tattoo

If you can´t decide on one and believe that all of them are true somehow, then you could easily come and work with us because we´re just on the same wavelength!

Lynn memory tattoo A tattoo must be a nice design to see because we´re going to see it each day of our life and this gives it power upon us; we get thus to the second point: that´s true, a tattoo DOES HAVE power.
It can influence the perception we have of ourselves, and the perception of the people we meet.
There are designs which can help us overcome hard times, which can give us strength or remind us that life is one and it should be lived today, moment after moment, with the same joy and wonder that children know so well... because YES, a tattoo CAN be a medicine for the soul too and have a positive influence on us.
A tattoo HAS the power to change one´s life, little by little, each day we look at it or we know it´s there, consistently, much the same way as all things that are made to last.

We´ve been drawing this kind of tattoos for many years, and one thing became each time clearer to us, speaking to the friends who came back to tell us what their tattoos did for them...

"Life itself is like a tattoo"
We can choose its design, what to keep and what to leave out of it... and like a tattoo, life too has just a limited amount of space available: the more we leave to sad things, the less we´ll have available for happy moments.

Let´s choose our tattoo carefully, and our life as well, and when we reach the end and look back we´ll still be absolutely in love with it.
We may even get tired of a beautiful design one day, but if it has a special meaning to us, we will never get tired of it!


D+A+K heartigram tattoo

Some more words should be told about names and joined letters, and we feel like giving a little advice about this too, from our experience and not from being cinical: if they´re not the letters of your children, parents or close relatives, don´t get them.

Fiancèes, husbands, wives... no matter how strong a love can be (and we always wish for it to last forever!) sometimes life has a weird way to play on us and we never know what´s waiting around the corner.
That person was so important for us that we are sure they´ll always be, no matter what may happen? Well, no doubt they´ll be, and that´s awesome, but what´s going to think about it the one who may be on our side in the future, the one we may marry and love like crazy? Will they be as amazed about this beautiful love we had as we are?
Much better thus a design that is meaningful to both, which can forever be shown with love without hurting anyone´s feelings, without any letter in sight...

After all a tattoo, like a diamond, is forever!

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