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Dean - Korero tattoo photo
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Dean - Korero

  July 13th, 2013

Inspired by Korero (Story):

Korero tattoo

This tattoo was requested by Dean and it represents his story.

We decided to have two main elements in the design: a hammerhead shark that starts at the elbow and ends over the shoulder and a turtle.

The hammerhead shark is a symbol of tenacity, determination and strength and it represents his path. The turtle is a symbol of family.

The hammerhead shark is the main subject and most of the elements revolve around it: the tail starts with a moray eel to represent adversities, his difficult start, and the ipu (which is a symbol for ancestors and femininity) represents his grandma who inspired him facing those adversities being the catalyst to overcome them (the waves going up shaped like koru symbolize this new start).

Tiki hands represent protection. Tiki can be representations of deities and ancestors, and a tiki face was placed inside the hammerhead shark´s head to represent the protection ...

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hammerhead shark turtle manta spear heads tiki birds fish fish hook lizard ipu moray eels maorigrams waves marriage protection tenacity determination strength warrior courage prosp Dean

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