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Jakub - Marena tattoo photo
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Jakub - Marena

  August 15th, 2011

Inspired by Marena (Wedding):

Marena tattoo

Jakub requested these armbands to represent him and his wife Anna, and their union.

Left and right armbands are different, with three common elements: the sun (eternity, joy, positivity and success), the turtle (family) and a tiki (protection).

There are half a sun and half a turtle on each armband to symbolize that joy, and family, are only half if they are separate, and become complete when together.

We kept the right arm (stronger) for him, and the left one (closer to the heart) for his wife: the human figure in the center of his one represents him, the man, surrounded by a maorigram ...

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sun turtle tiki manta hammerhead shark seashell manaia shark lizard gecko enata wahine birds family joy protection prosperity love union luck health life

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