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Yin Yang triskell tattoo photo
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Yin Yang triskell
Balance, harmony

July 28th, 2008
  Author: picchio

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The yin and yang symbol is probably one of the most known symbols in the world, also thanks to its fascinating meaning: opposites (good and bad, hot and cold, light and darkness, male and female...) complement each other and cannot exist without each other. Light casts shadows, and darkness makes light brighter. Also, no white can exist without a part of black in it nor can black exist without having a spot of white. It represents balance and harmony.

Similarily the triskell has often the associated meaning of balance between air, earth and water, or between the three worlds of men, spirits and gods.

Laura requested a design which would blend the yin and yang symbol with a triskell or a triquetra.

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yin yang triskell triquetra balance harmony

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