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Polynesian ivy tattoo photo
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Polynesian ivy
Fidelity, tenacity

June 29th, 2008
  Author: picchio

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Ivy is an unstoppable plant: it climbs anywhere if it can get a minimal hold on it, and does not give up. That´s why it symbolizes fidelity, and the strength of chasing one´s goals without being discouraged by adversities.

A Polynesian styled ivy branch going from round the ankle down to the little toe crossing over the foot was requested by Sara.

The attached version was designed for the right foot and has to be mirrored for the left. In our sample both feet are present to show the entire design from the two sides. The lighter decoration must be lighter or faded in order to let the leaves stick out.

Ivy Fairy bagIvy Fairy bagDesign by TattooTribes
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ivy leaves branch fidelity tenacity beauty Sara foot

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 so pretty 
  by jennjenn
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