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In memory tattoo photo
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In memory

May 2nd, 2010

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This turtle is shaped out of a twist, a symbol of eternal love and neverending bond (two lives that, even if separated at times, will in the end always come back together). On the shell we placed the letters A+O from the name of Brooke´s husband, and a bird, a symbol of communication with the gods, freedom and change of perspective. The turtle´s front flippers (turtle is family, navigator and longevity) are tikis, gods that will protect the family on every side, and the two pink frangipani flowers represent Brooke´s daughters.

The yellow frangipani behind is her husband, who has left but will still remain close to them in memory (it is also oriented with a point up to recall a star, which is a symbol that represents something very important, a guiding star).

Waves surrounding the family are symbols of change and life.

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in memory turtle waves flowers frangipani plumeria twist bird tiki protection change vita love bond family

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 Unforgettable love 
  by julia
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