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Lamat, or Mayan star tattoo photo
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Lamat, or Mayan star
Vitality, learning to love

October 9th, 2007
  Author: picchio

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Lamat, or la mat´, also known sometimes as "mayan star", is the Mayan glyph for Venus. Literally Lamat means "rabbit", which Maya thought to appreciate the fruits of the world created for him by the gods. It´s a glyph of ripeness and vitality, and has lately been given the meaning of "learning to love", symbolizing the path leading to love through the love and acceptance of ourselves exactly as we are.

In the upper figure: A is the original glyph, while B and C are two reinterpretations of it.

A curiosity: Lamat is also the glyph that represents our present era, which will end according to Mayas on 2012, December 21st.

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