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Henna tattoo photo
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Fertility, health, protection...

July 2nd, 2007
  Author: picchio

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Henna made tattoos have been present since ancient times, and their being temporary and totally unallergic makes them appreciated all over the world. Arabic and Indian cultures use them extensively to honour special celebrations: weddings, births, religious cerimonies, in order to wish good health, fertility, wisdom, protection and more. The Middle Eastern style, like the Arabic textiles, is mostly made up of floral patterns; the Nort African style follows the shape of hands and feet with floral geometrical patterns; Indian and Pakistani style (Mehndi) extends beyond hands and feet, giving the illusion of gloves and stockings through the use of lines, paisley patterns and teardrops; the Indonesian and Southern style are a mix of Middle Eastern and Indian style with the addition of block of color on the very tips of fingers and toes.

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henna mehndi

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