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Stefan - Kote'e tattoo photo
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Stefan - Kote'e

  July 13th, 2021

Inspired by Kote'e (Voyage):

Kote'e tattoo

Stefan liked the look of The Rock´s tattoo (who doesn´t? It´s an amazing piece) but instead of copying it, he rightly decided to have a similar one telling his own story instead, as it should always be.

His father and mother are central to honor them (the two ipu below them symbolize parents, ancestors).
They gave him prosperity (the pool of Kena) and freedom (the manta).
The all-seeing eye above and the tiki below them represent protection.

The row of flies and the moray eel in the past symbolize adversities faced with fighting spirit (the ...

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father mother ipu pool of Kena manta all-seeing eye tiki flies moray eel centipede Kena spearheads shark teeth tiki arms birds waves stepping stones coconut leaves Marquesan cross bonito tail fish fish net lizard turtle ponapona parents ancestors prosperi

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