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Putui tattoo photo
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July 16th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This armband requested by Carlo takes inspiration from Marquesan tattoos and it includes elements symbolizing family (the rito rito motif next to the sun), prosperity and protection.

The sun includes a Marquesan cross, symbolizing harmony and balance, while the fish hook represents abundance, reached thanks to adaptability (octopus tentacle and shark teeth) and tenacity (the hammerhead shark), in a voyage that took him to see the world from a higher perspective (the row of birds).

Two tiki protect all this from all directions together with the all-seeing eye while spear heads and shark teeth enclose the tattoo on the upper and lower edges symbolizing the warrior, strength and protection.

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spear heads shark teeth sun tiki Marquesan cross all seeing eye fish hook birds octopus tentacle family protection success adaptability strength tenacity determination Carlo

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