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Malie toa tattoo photo
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Malie toa
Great warrior

July 13th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo was requested by Anton to cover his arm and it represents his fighting spirit.

The path of Kamehameha represents the difficult path he´s taken from initial difficulties (the moray eel at the lower end) to watching the world from a higher perspective (the row of birds extending onto the top; two of them are separated from the others for help to the dear ones).

The row of spear heads symbolizes the warrior and the stylized centipede enclosing coconut leaves is a symbol for his fighting spirit.
Cononut leaves and fish represent the reached prosperity while the manta in the center symbolizes the freedom gained (it is shaped by a stylized tiki and by an all-seeing eye for protection).

The row of flax leaves on the left symbolizes family, guarded above by two ancestors.

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fighter warrior spear heads centipede fish birds coconut flax leaves moray eel path of Kamehameha octopus tentacle tenacity intelligence strength determination family prosperity Anton

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 Amazing tat cant wait to get this on my arm 
  by Anthony
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