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Marquesan sleeve tattoo photo
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Marquesan sleeve

January 15th, 2014
  Author: GiErre

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Stefano had a poorly executed armband he wanted to cover.
Since the armband was intensely black, the most appropriate style to cover and integrate it, which we did use, is the Marquesan style in its more geometric and bolder variant.

Red elements have been used to make the design a bit lighter without being too different from the black band while some Samoan inspired elements close it towards the wrist.

Among the used meanings there are protection, the warrior, family and friends, adaptability, balance and success.

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marquesan sleeve samoan enata cross all seeing eye shark teeth spear heads honu family friends success warrior adaptability balance

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 Very good but so small when goes to print..  
  by Panos
[...] maori are for nig strong guys

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