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Forever tattoo photo
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In memory

September 5th, 2013
  Author: GiErre

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This Marquesan styled half sleeve tattoo was requested by Didier to honour his wife and their story.

The circle on the shoulder and the one above recall the shape of a twist two symbolize two souls which, even if separated at times, will always return together, with a moray eel for sorrow and a sun for joy.
Inside the main circle, a sunmoon represents impossible that becomes possible, the special union they shared.

The hammerhead shark and spear heads represent tenacity in facing a difficult path (the path of Kamehameha), birds symbolize the voyage and watching the world from a higher point of view whilst tikis symbolize protection.

On the pec, the ragged lines symbolize the path to knowledge, which is never easy, and the lizard on the back represents the bond between two worlds, still joining them.

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twist tiki sunmoon hammerhead shark spear heads kamehameha lizard path way knowledge memory union love perspective Didier

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