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Dragon sleeve tattoo photo
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Dragon sleeve

August 10th, 2013
  Author: GiErre

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The main element of this half sleeve tattoo requested by Morgan is a dragon; we chose an Asian Dragon because they are powerful magical creatures. They are the symbol of the emperor and represent majesty and leadership.
The chief is also represented by the Polynesian symbols of the coconut palm branches and leaves: they are on the pec around the head of the dragon, mixed with spear heads (the warrior) and on the armband.

Other motifs we used for the Polynesian part are: shark teeth (strength and adaptability), birds (freedom, watching the world from a higher perspective and help that will always be granted to the dear ones), waves (changes) leading to fish (prosperity, abundance), honu shell (family), braid (union),mountains (stability) and standing stones (achievements).

On the back of the shoulder moray eels represent adversities in the past, with an all-seeing eye and ancestors protecting from them.

The path of Kamehameha represents the difficult path taken by Morgan to reach perfection.
A centipede represents the warrior spirit and tenacity.

The dragon is lined with spear heads and it includes symbols of protection (tiki hands), change (waves), new beginning and life (koru), determination, tenacity and strength (hammerhead shark motif), the warrior (the male enata on the tail).
Another enata in the eye, turned upside down, represents the defeated enemy.

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dragon half sleeve spear heads centipede enata coconut shark teeth waves hammerhead shark warrior fighter chief leader tenacity determination strength success freedom Morgan

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 It is amazing how you get the different elements to become one piece of art! 
  by Normand
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