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Tiki owl tattoo photo
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Tiki owl
Protection, victory

April 22nd, 2011
  Author: GiErre

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This design of a tiki owl sitting on an olive branch was requested by Alexey and it represents protection and victory.

The beak is made of a stylized hammerhead shark motif, which represents determination. The wings are made of waves (fertility and change) and the spot on the forehead represents his goals, the arrival of his journey, the goal to be reached.

The feathers on the body are made of shark teeth for adaptability and strength and the claws (tiki hands, protection and balancing elements) are surrounded by a sun symbolizing positivity, serenity and eternity.

The olive branch and leaves (peace, victory) are cut out of a Kirituhi styled element, with the first two swirls being korus representing new life, new start.

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tiki owl olive leaves hammerhead shark shark teeth sun waves wisdom protection determination strength adaptability victory eternity serenity peace change Alexey

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 This is great, I will use it in my car too 
  by Nancy Dwaine
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