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Floral necklace tattoo photo
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Floral necklace
Beauty, life

January 24th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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This floral chest piece was requested by Mila.

We started from the center with tiger lilies, which symbolize wealth, prosperity and pride, adding on their sides other flowers, such as lilies (beauty and love), a flower of hibiscus and cherry blossoms, these two sharing a similar meaning: beauty and wanting to live life fully, in every single moment, with lightness in the case of the hibiscus, with passion for cherry blossoms.

The small butterfly placed on the heart symbolizes transformation and rebirth, freedom.

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lily tiger lily hibiscus cherry blossom butterfly flowers beauty life prosperity carpe diem love transformation rebirth freedom Mila

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 Chest pieces are one of my favorite kinds and yet I see very few of them. First, I respect Mila for wanting to get this. It is a huge commitment but entirely awesome. Second, I commend the artist for an awesome design. Very symmetrical and has a lot of meaning.  
  by Tat fan Brian
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