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Marquesan ankle-band tattoo photo
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Marquesan ankle-band
Protection, balance

February 19th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Marquesan style is harder to read than other Polynesian styles, and many symbols are greatly stylized, even if they´re often very decorative.

The style of Hiva Oa, which is mainly used in modern Marquesan tattooing is more figurative than the other styles, and it provided some elements that were used in this ankle band, even if we redesigned some of them in order to recall better known symbols: it´s the case of the turtle on the back, with sun and moon on the shell, and of the facing tikis on the front.

Symbols used here represent protection, balance and harmony with nature, in particular with the sea, wealth and luck, valiance, determination.

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