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Kiwi knight tattoo photo
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Kiwi knight

November 7th, 2023
  Author: GiErre

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This realistic styled tattoo of a knight on a rampant horse was prepared for Kiernan to represent a warrior, and it incorporates some Maori elements in it to honor his homeland.

The knight has a coat of arms on his shield, and a kiwi on his breastplate to represent Kiernan, and instead of a spear or sword he is holding a taiaha, a traditional Maori weapon that also symbolizes authority.

Maori patterns are on the knight's armor as well as on the horse's armor and saddle pad.
There are fish hook (prosperity), fish scales (protection), teeth of taniwha (protection and genealogy), koru (new life), shark teeth (protection, strength), ahuahu o Mataora (the path of the warrior, leading to success), and puhoro (voyages and origins).

The image below has colors to highlight the main elements within the tattoo:
Realistic knight on rampant horse tattoo

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knight horse warrior kiwi shield taiaha spearheads teeth of taniwha puhoro fish scales koru mataora fish hook rampant protection origins strength genealogy voyages prosperity success maori kiernan

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